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This time, residents of high-rise buildings have suffered en masse as a result of the conflict between the management company Korabelny and Centerlift LLC: at the moment, most elevators in high-rise buildings have been stopped, and the number of outages continues to increase rapidly.

In Nikolaev for a month the sewerage fills a cellar of the 5th floor - "City for people" doesn't work ...



Basement of a five-storey building at the address: Theatrical, 35A in Nikolaev since July fills with the sewerage, the managing company "City for people" for a month didn't manage to solve a problem.

Precinct officers caught the Nikolaev who illegally unloaded from the ZIL car construction garbage in the Ship area



The Office of preventive activity of GUNP in the Nikolaev area reports about it.

In Nikolaev from "the City for people" 178 houses refused already



As of May 3, 2019 178 apartment houses in Nikolaev refused services of the managing company "City for people" ("MDL").

The accrual of interest begins on May 1, 2019.

Нарахування пені починається з першого травня 2019 р


From May 1, 2019, the article of the Law of Ukraine "On Housing and Communal Services" on payment of fines in case of late payment for housing and communal services will come into force.

"City for people" is aimed  to the center of Nikolaev ..

«Місто для людей»,


The City for People company which last year won competition for service of almost half of housing stock in Ingulsky (Leninsky) and Ship areas of Nikolaev, now "aimed" at the central part of the city.

The Council postponed the reform of housing and communal services in Ukraine until next year.


10:06,  9 06  2018

The entry into force of the Law on Housing Services will be postponed until May 1, 2019. Also, until August 1, 2020, the entry into force of the rule on the application of financial sanctions to business entities for violation of the deadlines for the installation of heat and water meters.

In Nikolaev inhabitants of condominiums refused central heating


17:45,  27  03 

Residents of a 5-storey building on the street. Levanevtsev, 25/1 formed condominiums completely disconnected from district heating.

While the house was used for military housing, the building was maintained in good condition. And for more than 30 years there are no funds for major repairs.

In Nikolaev more than 100 heads of condominiums gathered at a forum of energy efficiency for an exchange of experience with other regions

У Миколаєві понад 100 голів ОСББ зібралися на форумі енергоефективності для обміну досвідом з іншими регіонами

28 09  2018

On Friday, September 28, in the Nikolaev business center «Alexandrovsky» the forum «Energy efficiency in housing stock started. Best Practices of the Regions ”, which aims to share experience, knowledge and effective tools for implementing energy efficiency programs in housing

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