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Current  repair  at home 


Article 13  Law "On housing and communal services"  determines that  services for the maintenance of buildings and structures and adjacent areas  include: cleaning of indoor premises and adjacent territory; sanitary maintenance; maintenance of indoor networks; maintenance of elevators; lighting of common areas; current repair; removal of household waste, etc.  | BOOK A SERVICE

The rules of maintenance of residential buildings and adjacent territories have been approved  by order of the State Committee of Ukraine for Housing and Communal Services from  17.05.2005 № 76.

  • Current repairs of the house  - a set of repair and construction works, which  provides for systematic and timely maintenance of operational  qualities and prevention of premature wear of structures and  engineering equipment.

  • Overhaul of the house  - a set of repair and construction works related to the restoration or improvement of the performance of the building, with the replacement or restoration of load-bearing or enclosing structures, engineering equipment and fire protection equipment without changing the construction dimensions of the object and its technical and economic indicators.


  • Thus, the overhaul of the house and its financing is the responsibility of the co-owners of an apartment building (owners of apartments and non-residential premises in this house) from the moment of acquisition of apartments or non-residential premises through privatization, purchase, etc.


     See examples  works  performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd  in relation to the current  repair  houses.

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