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Welding  work

ТОВ УК «Корабельний» надає зварювальні роботи будь-якого рівня складност

Korabelniy.Ltd  performs  welding works of any level of complexity. We can perform welding of heating pipes in Nikolaev, restoration of the broken lattices, etc. We offer you to get acquainted in more detail with the work we undertake.

We will inspect the object and determine which type of welding is best used in a given case. | BOOK A SERVICE

You can count on the consultation of our welders, and get competent advice, the right selection of materials  and them  application.

Prices for welding work in Korabelniy.Ltd are quite competitive - you will be pleasantly surprised. For condominiums and legal entities, based on the work performed, we provide all the necessary documents for reporting - acts, accounts, etc. We work on modern quality equipment that minimizes the cost of welding (electricity) and reduces the cost of services we provide.

If you need other work related to the manufacture of hardware or other welding work (bars on windows and balconies, doors, canopies, etc.) - Partners of our organization will help you solve these problems!  

 examples  works  performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd  on welding.

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