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Service  engineering  networks

Обслуговування інженерних комунікацій - це одна з тих послуг, які надає для будинків компанія ТОВ УК «Корабельний».

Maintenance of engineering networks is a huge set of measures, the main purpose of which is to maintain communications in good working order, prevent emergencies, as well as adjust and optimize the operation of systems to make them as efficient and economical as possible.  Maintenance of utilities is one of the services provided for houses by the company Korabelniy.Ltd . We undertake work of varying complexity, as well as guarantee the high quality of work performed. You can be sure that you will receive services from experienced professionals - at the lowest possible prices.  | BOOK A SERVICE

We do the following  maintenance of engineering systems of buildings:

  • Maintenance of water supply systems, which includes diagnostics and troubleshooting - clogging, leaks; sewer maintenance ; condition monitoring and cleaning of drain pipes, drainage wells. Elimination of emergencies in their event. Regular inspection of water supply systems, and elimination of breakdowns in case of their detection.


  • Maintenance of heating systems - diagnostics of pipelines, if necessary - replacement of separate sections of radiators, pipes or any other unreliable devices / details.



  • Specialists of Korabelniy.Ltd are repairing engineering networks  in the shortest possible time. You no longer have to wait for weeks for your home to be serviced. In the event of a breakdown, our team will go on call and fix everything you need.



  • We compile reports on all work performed and submit it for control. You can be sure that the work of utilities in your home will be optimized and adjusted.



Carrying out any maintenance work requires strict documentation. Our specialists provide, depending on your needs, such services as keeping special logs on the houses; monitoring how energy is consumed in the house; conducting analytical work on the basis of the obtained data. With us you will receive high-quality services at reasonable prices. Maintenance will help to avoid various breakdowns and  significantly extend the life of the engineering system of the house.

See examples of work performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd  to troubleshoot utilities

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