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Emergency maintenance


Emergency maintenance of an apartment building includes technical scheduled and emergency dispatch maintenance of indoor equipment, heating and water supply networks, electrical wiring, lighting equipment, drainage. Emergency dispatching service includes departures of emergency crews at any time of the day, carrying out technical, repair and restoration works.

The Emergency Dispatch Service registers and executes applications of owners and users of residential premises in apartment buildings, to eliminate malfunctions and damage to indoor engineering systems, as well as takes prompt measures to ensure the safety of citizens in case of emergencies or threats to them in general. providing:

- elimination of clogging of the indoor engineering drainage system inside apartment buildings;

- elimination of emergency damage to indoor engineering systems of cold and hot water supply, drainage and indoor heating and power supply systems. MORE DETAILS

Maintenance of engineering networks


Maintenance of indoor engineering networks in apartment buildings by our company is an individual approach to each house!

Maintenance of engineering networks is a whole set of measures, the main purpose of which is to maintain communications in good working order, prevent accidents, as well as adjust and optimize the operation of systems to make them as efficient and economical as possible.

Engineering communications service is one of the services provided by our company! Service of all communications and systems is carried out only by high-class experts who have passed the corresponding training on a profile and have experience of work in this sphere.

We compile reports on all work performed and submit it for control. You can be sure that the work of utilities in your home will be optimized and adjusted. MORE DETAILS

Cleaning of entrances and adjacent territory


Cleaning of the adjacent territory is the subject of constant disputes and conflicts between residents and management companies. Almost a third of the payment for the maintenance of housing, as a rule, is intended for this type of service. But how honestly these services are provided, and are revealed in general, each inhabitant of the high-rise will answer ambiguously.

What does the adjacent territory include and how are its boundaries determined?

Today, the work of housing and communal services is based on legislative acts, both of state importance and specially developed at the regional level. Also, each company develops its own regulations that do not contradict the above documents.  MORE DETAILS

Water supply


The areas of responsibility of the heads of water supply and sewerage enterprises are defined in the Government Resolution.

With regard to these parameters, the limit of operational responsibility is set, which ultimately determines - who should be responsible for maintaining the facility in good condition - RSO, the management company or the homeowners themselves.

The area of responsibility of the management company in the field of water supply and drainage is the risers of hot and cold water supply, water shut-off device on the branches of the risers, as well as shut-off valves on the wiring inside the apartment. MORE DETAILS



The common property located on the territory of the apartments includes: Heating risers and branches from them to the point of the first connection with the drain pipes. If there are none, then the limit passes on screwing in a radiator stopper. The Government Decree also specifically states that the common property includes not only risers, but also "heating elements", in other words, indoor radiators. The situation is similar with other engineering systems.

In the area of responsibility of the Criminal Code are:

risers of cold and hot water supply and branches from them up to the first valve or point of connection with drain pipes. That is, the limit is a welding seam to divert the pipeline from the riser.

Drainage risers and branches from them (plugs, pipes, tees, etc.). MORE DETAILS



There are several signs that the appearance of odor is associated with a public sewer system, but the simplest are two. First, the smell will appear first in the apartments on the lower floors, as they are located closer to the basement. Secondly, the stench will be felt not only in the apartments but also in the entrance, and intensifying as you approach the basement.

If you find these two signs, feel free to call the management company. Its employees must determine the cause of the odor and eliminate it. You can apply for a call by phone, employees must respond to the call quickly enough, as the smell of sewage can signal very serious problems, up to the risk of destruction of the entire system. MORE DETAILS

Electricity services

Replacement of the automatic protection;

Replacement of RCD;

Replacement of electricity meter;

Installation, replacement of the socket, the switch;

Repair, sorting distribution. boxes;

Call editing;

FGO cleaning;

Replacement of the socket power el. plates;

and more...   MORE DETAILS

Plumbing services

Replacement of the mixer (on a sink, a sink);

Bath faucet replacement;

Replacement of the siphon (sink sink);

Replacement of a siphon a bath, a shower tray;

Installation of the crane Du.15;

Replacement of the Doo crane. 15;

Replacement of FGO Du. 15;

FGO cleaning;

Installation of RDV pressure reducer;

Replacement of RDV pressure reducer;

IPU replacement;

Installation of the check valve;

Check valve replacement;

Replacement of the flask in the fine filter;

Replacement of shut-off valves in the toilet;

Replacement of the valve (crane) on a radiator;

Sewer cleaning;

Washing machine connection; etc..


Welding works


The company has highly qualified  engineers with work experience and the necessary licenses  permits for work.

The quality system of the company's welding production is certified according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 3834-2 by the authorized International Welding Institute.

Both domestic equipment and devices of well-known European manufacturers are used to perform welding works at the enterprise. This also applies to welding materials: along with domestic, at the request of the designer, and materials of European production are used.  MORE DETAILS

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