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Services  electricity

ТОВ УК «Корабельний» надає жителям будинків послуги електрика.

Korabelniy.Ltd  provides residents with electricity services. Our professionals are ready to perform electrical work, as well as repair and replacement of electrical appliances, wiring.


Our main advantages are a high level of competence of employees, experience in this field, prompt response to the call and good prices for electrical work.

We provide the following services:

  • Electricity distribution - during repairs in the apartment or in the event of malfunctions associated with electrical appliances, it is important to know where all the elements of electricity. As a rule, residents of apartment buildings do not have such information. But if you decide to correct this situation, you can easily turn to Korabelniy.Ltd with the help - our electricians will draw up a wiring diagram in the apartment or perform wiring so that you can expand the possibilities of using electricity in the apartment and house. We recommend that you do not try to do this yourself if you are not competent in this area - it can be life threatening. Wiring in the apartment should be repaired only by specialists.  ​


  • Laying the cable  necessary if you have a lot of appliances (found in most modern apartments), and the wiring in the house is old enough to withstand such loads. The new cable will save you from the risk of an emergency and will allow you to use all the appliances you need  ,,  but perform any work related to electricity without qualifications and experience  we do not work.


  • Installation of sockets and switches - our experts will be able to install new switches and sockets in your apartment  in any walls - plasterboard or concrete. We have all the tools you need to do this, so you don't have to  worry about it or buy / borrow a tool from someone. Two-key connection  the switch is very relevant for corridors, for example, when one key allows you to turn on the light in the hallway, and the other in the vestibule, or for a room where the light source has several lamps.


  • Chandelier connection -  don't waste your personal time. Electrician in your  the house will arrive very quickly, and will connect the chandelier:  from compact, small - for one or three  lamps, to large, with complex decorative elements and light bulbs. Calling an electrician is the best solution in this situation.

     See examples of work performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd to troubleshoot  in electrical measure horror.

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