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Emergency maintenance

 аварийное обслуживание ООО УК «КОРАБЕЛЬНЫЙ»

Emergency maintenance of an apartment building is an urgent set of works, the main purpose of which is to determine the location of the accident and its elimination, as well as to eliminate threats to human life and to preserve the premises and property located in it. And this is one of the services that you can provide the company Korabelniy.Ltd.

Our emergency dispatch service is open around the clock, so each resident can seek help at any time. | BOOK A SERVICE

The complex of works includes:

- Determining the location of the accident or breakdown;

- Restoration of systems or equipment that have been damaged;

- Carrying out welding work, repair or replacement of pipelines and other repair work in which it occurred  necessity;

- The emergency call of the electrician allows to carry out in the shortest possible time faulty sites of conducting, switches, safety locks, starters, isolation of a power network;

- Emergency call plumber can quickly cope with clogging in the pipes of the sewer system, which is located inside the building (it includes toilets, siphons, sinks, risers, etc.), to conduct  pumping  water from flooded basements, cleaning of wells, drainage systems, cesspools, etc., elimination of pipe bursts and other emergencies.


- Why it is necessary to charge emergency service of  Korabelniy.Ltd ?


  • The company Korabelniy.Ltd enters into an agreement with the condominium for emergency services. Therefore, you have on hand a document that clearly describes the services we provide, as well as our obligations to condominiums in accordance with the signed contract. With such a document, you can be sure that the occupants of the house will be safe, and the problem or accident will be eliminated as soon as possible.


  • You can contact us at any time of the day, and the team will immediately go to the facility. We perform our work at the highest level, as we hire only qualified workers with experience in emergency facilities, the ability to respond quickly in difficult situations and find the most effective solutions in a short time.


It is worth remembering that the longer the service life of the room, the greater the risk of breakage. The risk of an accident also depends on how the technical service works. If the need for emergency work in your home arises frequently, this is a good reason to think about the competence of the services that go to eliminate the accident. So entrust the care of your home to professionals. Such people work in the company Korabelniy.Ltd . We do not have breaks, holidays and weekends when you need to go to an urgent facility. After all, the health and life of people, as well as the preservation of their property depends on the work of our team.

See examples of work performed  by employees of Korabelniy.Ltd  on elimination  emergency  cases.

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