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Cleaning of entrances and adjacent territory

Прибирання прибудинкової території та парадних - це послуга, яку для вашого будинку виконає компанія ТОВ УК «Корабельний».

Cleaning of the adjacent territory and front doors is a service performed for your house by the company Korabelniy.Ltd. Of course, the occupants of the house do not often go up or down the roof  basement in order to check the condition of their cleanliness.

Similarly, residents do not know what the order is in boiler rooms or pumping stations. But what the entrance, elevator, yard looks like is immediately obvious.  | BOOK A SERVICE


We provide the following services:

  • In the cold period - cleaning the area around the house, as well as paths in the yard from ice, clearing snow, ensuring the ability to walk safely in the yard - sprinkling sidewalks and paths with anti-icing drugs in order to significantly reduce the risk of injury; clearing of hatch covers from snow and ice;

  • In the warm period - sweeping of the territory near the house, mowing of lawns, cleaning on platforms before entrances,  urn cleaning;


In Nikolaev inhabitants of apartment houses repeatedly   complain that cleaning of the territory is carried out seldom enough, in yards a lot of garbage which  then falls  to the house.  But  residents of condominiums   on the contrary  want  see  good,  neat yard, in which with pleasure  can play Them  children, rest people of retirement age,  those.

We will help make your yard clean and  neat, in which you have always dreamed of living.

Korabelniy.Ltd »  performs its work responsibly and in a timely manner.

That's how they are performed  work by employees of Korabelniy.Ltd on the cleaning of the adjacent territory and ceremonial.

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