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How to clean porches and adjacent areas:

We are pleased to inform you that on November 1, 2019, Korabelnyi Management Company  started servicing a residential building located at 14 Okeanivska Street.  Our janitors are already actively working on cleaning garbage and fallen leaves on the premises of this residential building

Korabelny LLC takes care of the comfort of its residents, so the grass was mowed in the adjacent territories, which are serviced by our management company at the following addresses:
✅vul. Znamenskaya, 39; 41; 43
✅vul. Rainbow, 32; 43; 45
  street Station, 51; 59
✅near the library

ТОВ УК "Корабельний" проводить повторні заходи з дератизації та дезінфекції у підвальних приміщеннях житлових будинків за адресами:
вул.295 Стрілецької дивізії 75/1; 75/2;
Ми піклуємося про Ваш комфорт

korabelniy-ltd. carries out repeated actions on deratization and disinfection in basements of apartment houses to the addresses:
295 Rifle Division 75/1; 75/2;
We care about your comfort

korabelniy-ltd. carries out measures for deratization and disinfection in the basements of residential buildings at the following addresses: st. Znamenska 39 , 41,43,47,49; 295th Str. Division 75 / 1.75 / 2

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