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Water supply

ООО УК«КОРАБЕЛЬНЫЙ» оказывает услуги по обеспечению исправного водоснабжения для жителей ОСМД

Korabelniy.Ltd provides services to ensure proper water supply for residents. After all, if the water supply system is malfunctioning, it at least causes discomfort to the occupants of the house.

And sometimes it can even cause material damage - for example, in the event of a pipe break or leakage.   | BOOK A SERVICE

Korabelniy.Ltd  provides the following services for its clients:

  • Installation of metal-plastic pipes - many houses nowadays pass to such pipes,  because they are not afraid of corrosion and internal overgrowth. They are also resistant to different temperatures, which allows them to be used for hot water and heating systems. In addition, when installing such pipes do not need to use additional parts - cats  her  knees - due to the fact that they are quite flexible. Our employees  very quickly and efficiently help to install such pipes in the house;


  • Plumbing installation - we guarantee the quality of work performed. Before installing the water supply, our staff will carry out and take into account the installation of all necessary additional elements, such as pumps, filters or meters. Will do  disconnection of those plumbing fixtures that are currently installed, dismantle the old pipes, install new ones and connect them to the appliances. You do not have to worry about anything - we perform literally all stages of work. By the way, together with our specialists it is also possible to quickly and professionally replace the pipes in the apartment - we will take care of everything.


  • Piping in the bathroom - this step will help make even a small room as functional and easy to operate due to the fact that all the elements will be properly and efficiently connected. Our masters will inspect the bathroom, determine what kind of wiring is best done on site, and get to work;


  • In the same way we carry out repair of a water supply system, and also liquidation of emergency situations both in separate apartments, and in the house.

  • Working with the company Korabelniy.Ltd every resident of the house, including condominiums, can be sure that every problem that arose in the operation of the water supply system, or in  any other engineering system of the house will be fixed in the shortest possible time.

  • We  we will provide all the necessary documents for accounting. Guarantee of quality, work with experienced specialists, as well as favorable conditions - this is what everyone can count on when choosing a company Korabelniy.Ltd.

     See examples of work performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd  to troubleshoot water supply networks .

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