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Компания ООО УК «КОРАБЕЛЬНЫЙ» предоставляет для ОСМД широкий спектр услуг, связанных с монтажом и ремонтом отопительной системы.

The heating system of an apartment building is equipment that heats the room in order to maintain the optimum temperature -  which will be comfortable for the occupants of the house.

Korabelny LTD provides a wide range of services related to the installation and repair of the heating system for apartment owners. BOOK A SERVICE


  • Installation of heating - according to the developed and approved plan our employees will carry out  mounting  work.

It is better not to try to do everything yourself if you do not have knowledge in this area.  Entrust the work to specialists - and her  not

will have to recycle, re-spend  money and time. We  we perform various types of work - we install  radiators,

pipes, boilers,  towel rails  etc .;


  • Installation of heating radiators - this is probably the most common way to heat apartments.  Given the price of radiators,

as well as the pleasant cost of services for their replacement, which you can  to offer Korabelniy.Ltd , replacement of batteries

will cost you sparingly. At times  cheaper than installation, for example  convectors or heated floors.

Moreover, such a system has been tested by more than one generation, and therefore doubt the installation  heating batteries

reliably and easily solves the problem of space heating, it is not necessary. Moreover, we can replace the battery as in

  apartment and non-residential premises - for example, in the basement;


  • After completing all the work, we will definitely compile reports and acts for you to make them  it was possible

to support to the general documentation of the house. in the future will be able to use for assembly  financial statements,

accounting  accounting and filling in various information;


  • All work is carried out at the highest level, efficiently and quickly. Having concluded a contract with the company

Korabelniy.Ltd for service, you  help save your home from accidents,

for we know our business and do it  impeccably!

     See examples of work performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd " to troubleshoot networks  heating 

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