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а также проводить плановую очистку канализации. Именно эти услуги вашему ОСМД может предоставить компания «КОРАБЕЛЬНЫЙ».

In order for the sewerage system of your house to work properly and you do not have the risk of bursting pipes or flooding of residential / non-residential premises, it is important to timely diagnose and repair pipes, plumbing with equipment, as well as routine sewer cleaning. 

It is these services to you,  or  ACMHs can be provided by Korabelny. 


What work is carried out by the company's employees:

  • Pipe cleaning. Regular and high-quality sewer cleaning makes it possible to avoid problems that may occur in the system  due to clogging  - for example, gusts or emergency  situation. Our company provides crews with modern equipment - with the help  which  they eliminate as effectively as possible  clog;


  • Installation of sewer pipes. Dismantling and installation is carried out  new sewer pipes, if the occupants of the house decide that the old ones have "outlived their usefulness" and need to be replaced. It is also possible to install sewers in some apartments, when the owners decide to make repairs. Our experts can help you decide on the choice of materials and the pipes themselves, which will need to be installed, taking into account the features of the engineering system of your house or apartment;


  • Sewer riser replacement. Situations with wear of sewer risers are especially common in houses with a long service life.

     Over the years, cast iron risers begin to corrode, they have holes through  which leaks liquid from the drains, and spreads on the porch        unpleasant smell. Our employees will repair the sewer, and replace the old unusable riser pipes with new ones - better and more durable.         At a choice of good pipes and their correct service to carry out such work next time it is necessary in many years;


  • In addition to everything, we will provide you with all the necessary documentation: invoices, certificates of work performed.

    I look at examples of work performed  employees of  Korabelniy.Ltd  to troubleshoot sewer networks .

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