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1.1 LLC UK "SHIP", - A company established in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine, including  including the Civil and Commercial Codes of Ukraine,  Of the Law of Ukraine "On Limited and Additional Liability Companies", and carries out its activities in accordance with
named and other regulations of Ukraine, acts of local regulation and so on  Statute.

1.4. LLC UK "Ship" is included in the unified state register.
1.5. LLC UK "Ship" is a legal entity from the date of its state registration, has the right from his  name to conclude civil and other agreements,

to acquire property and personal non-property  right. To enter into obligations, to appear in court, court and arbitration court  on his own behalf.

Society is endowed with its own fixed and current assets  independent balance, current, currency and other bank accounts. Seals, stamps and  forms with their name, may be entitled to its own mark on goods and services.
1.6. LLC UK "Ship" has the right to establish subsidiaries, other enterprises and organizations  with the rights of a legal entity, to establish branches, offices, representative offices and other structural  units without the rights of a legal entity, to participate in the reorganization of existing legal entities
In accordance with current legislation. 

2.1. LLC UK "Ship" carries out production, commercial and research activities in order to  meeting public needs for products, works and services, making a profit and  realization on the basis of the received profit of social and economic interests of participants and  members of the labor collective of the Company.
2.2. The subject of the Company's activity is:
* Property management - the implementation of a contract with the owner or balance -holder  property management of a house, building, residential complex or complex of houses and  structures and ensuring its proper operation in accordance with the law and the terms of the contract.
* Provision of housing and communal services (including certain civil law  agreements with consumers of these services) aimed at providing living conditions and  stay of persons in residential and non-residential premises, houses and buildings, complexes of houses  and structures in accordance with the requirements of regulations, standards, procedures and rules in accordance with the current  legislation of Ukraine.
* Meeting the needs of individuals and legal entities in providing hot and cold  water, drainage, gas and electricity, heating, household removal  waste.
* Collection and disposal of other waste, collection and disposal of household waste and  waste enterprises, removal of construction waste and demolition of buildings, management  waste collection sites for landfills, dumps, flooding, burial or burial in  land, processing and destruction of failed goods for disposal. Ensuring the operation and / or repair of residential and non-residential premises, buildings and structures,  complexes of buildings and structures, as well as the maintenance of the adjacent (adjacent)  territory.
Ensuring the operation of engineering and technical equipment (indoor  networks incl. elevators) houses.
* The content of common areas of houses and adjacent to them (adjacent  and the territory provided to legal entities and individuals for maintenance, within the technical hole  operation of housing, regulatory costs for the maintenance of buildings and   adjacent territories (rent), etc., taking into account profitability.
Providing consumers of utilities with material and fuel savings  energy resources, water, rational use of financial resources.
* Improving the living conditions of citizens (consumers of utilities) in  within the limits set by regulations, the provision of additional services to the population, c  including under certain civil law agreements.
Carrying out sanitary works.
Comprehensive maintenance of facilities, general cleaning of houses, cleaning  industrial and residential premises, equipment and vehicles, ventilation  mines and exhaust devices, etc.
* Cleaning of any garbage, pollution control and similar works

Development, implementation and maintenance of geographic information systems in the field of planning  territories, development of settlements, land management in other areas of public relations.
* Organization of construction of buildings.
* Construction of residential and non-residential buildings.
* Other construction works, installation in buildings and constructions of elevators, escalators (including them  repair and maintenance), automatic and revolving doors, lightning rods,  vacuum cleaning systems, thermal, sound or vibration insulation.
* Construction completion work: cleaning of new buildings after their completion  construction, other finishing and finishing works.
* Design and other project activities
* Warehousing
* Provision of architectural, engineering services, services for the development of drawings, services with  construction supervision, geodesy, cartography, etc.
* Provision of landscape services.
* Administrative and support office activities, other ancillary commercial services.
* Wholesale of solid, liquid, gaseous fuels and related products.
* Activities of intermediaries in trade in fuel, ores, metals and industrial  chemicals.
* Non-specialized wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco  products.
* Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating  beverages and tobacco products.
* Wholesale of household goods.
* Wholesale of information and communication equipment.

* Activities of commission agents, commodity brokers and any other intermediaries in the wholesale  trade; activities related to the construction of sellers and buyers, the implementation of commercial  operations on behalf of the customer, including via the internet.
* Intermediaries in trade of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and  by planes.
* Non-specialized wholesale trade; different range of goods without any specific   specialization.
* Ancillary activities in the field of transport; cargo transfer, transportation organization  railway, motor transport, sea or air transport; group organization  or individual shipments of goods; issuance and receipt of transport documentation and  invoices.
* Freight road transport: all activities. Related to freight  road transport (transportation of timber, large  cargo, heavy cargo, bulk cargo, transportation in road tanks and  refrigerators, transportation of cars, transportation of garbage and various waste.
* Wholesale of machinery and equipment: wholesale of industrial  works, an electric wire and switches, and also other electroinstallation  industrial products, other electrical devices  (Electric motors, transformers), measuring instruments and equipment.
* Wholesale of chemical products: industrial chemicals (aniline, printing  paint, essential oils, industrial gases, chemical adhesives, dyes.  Synthetic resins, methyl alcohol, paraffin, aromatic substances and from
perfumes, soda, industrial salt, acids and sulfur, starch-based products  etc.), fertilizers and agrochemical products.
* Wholesale of wood, construction materials and sanitary  equipment: untreated wood, primary wood, varnishes and  paints, sand, gravel, etc., wallpaper and floor coverings (parquet, linoleum,  laminate, etc.), sheet glass, baths, sinks, toilets and other plumbing,  prefabricated structures, etc.
* Wholesale of food, beverages and tobacco. wholesale  trade in household goods. Wholesale of agricultural  machinery and equipment, miles, machinery and equipment for mining  industry and construction, for textile, clothing and knitwear production,  office furniture, other office machines and equipment; other species
specialized wholesale trade. Wholesale of other equipment, which  used in industry, trade, shipping and other activities.
* Wood processing and manufacture of wood and cork products, except furniture,  manufacture of articles of straw and of plaiting materials. Manufacture of paper and paper products. Printing activity, reproduction of recorded information.
* Production of coke and refined petroleum products; chemicals and chemical  products; basic pharmaceutical products and pharmaceuticals; rubber and  plastic products; other non-metallic mineral products.
* Manufacture of furniture. Production of products: jewelry, costume jewelry and  similar products, musical instruments, sporting goods, games and toys, medical and  dental instruments and materials, brooms and brushes, other products.

Repair and installation of machines and equipment.
* Wholesale and retail trade in motor vehicles and motorcycles, parts and  accessories for vehicles.

* Maintenance and repair of vehicles and motorcycles.
* Passenger ground transport. Provision of transportation services. Water  transport. Postal and courier activities.

* Temporary accommodation: activities of hotels and similar temporary accommodation,  accommodation for the period of vacation and other temporary residence, provision of places  campsites and parking lots for campers and trailers, etc.
* Activities to provide food and beverages; activity of restaurants, rendering of services  mobile food, delivery of ready meals, beverage service.
* Publishing activities; telecommunications (telecommunications). Computer programming,  consulting and related activities. Provision of information services.
* Provision of financial services; insurance, reinsurance and private pension  provision, in addition to compulsory social insurance; ancillary activities in the field  financial services and insurance.
* Buying and selling your own real estate. Leasing and operation of own  or leased real estate. Real estate transactions for remuneration or on  based on the contract.
* Activities in the field of law and accounting. Activities of the main departments (head offices). Business and management consultancy; consulting with  on marketing.
* Activities in the field of architecture and engineering, technical testing and research.
* Advertising and market research. Professional, scientific and technical  activity. Veterinary activities. Rent, hire and leasing. Employment activities.
* Activities of travel agencies, tour operators, other services  booking and related activities. Activities of security services and conducting  investigations.
* Administrative and support office activities, other ancillary commercial services.
* Health care: the activities of hospitals; medical and dental practice;  other health care activities. Provision of care services with provision  residence. Providing social assistance without providing accommodation.
* Repair of computers, household goods and personal items. Others  individual services, washing and dry cleaning of textile and fur products; services  hairdressers and beauty salons; organization of burials and provision of related services; activities on  providing physical comfort, etc.

Foreign economic activity in accordance with the above areas.
2.3. Society can engage in any business activity that does not contradict  legislation of Ukraine, in accordance with this Statute.
2.4. LLC UK "Ship" has the right to carry out certain types of business activities on the basis  special permits (licenses) for carrying out activities, licensing of which  provided by the legislation of Ukraine.

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