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Maintenance of common property


Signs of common property

According to Part 1 of Art. 5 of Law № 417-VIII, the joint property of an apartment building is the joint joint property of the co-owners. This means that the legal regime of this property is established by the provisions of the Central Committee of Ukraine on the implementation of joint joint ownership, taking into account the special provisions of Law № 417-VIII.

Thus, in accordance with Part 1 of Art. 368 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, the joint property of two or more persons without determining the shares of each of them in the right of ownership is a joint joint property. Co-owners of property in joint joint ownership, MORE

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We pay for the result

First of all, the new law changes the terminology, as it is designed to regulate many issues related to the transition from traditional housing and communal services to condominiums or managers (companies or individuals).

Instead of the current faceless "producers" of services, there will be "performers" - business entities that provide utilities under a contract with the consumer. That is, without a contract, the utility will not be considered as such.

The contract can be concluded with both individual and collective consumers. And this is another innovation of the bill. MORE DETAILS

Legislation in the field of housing

The new Law on Housing and Communal Services provides for a number of positive changes:

Liability is introduced for services not provided or not provided in full within the stipulated period - previously only the consumer was responsible.

All services are provided only on the basis of contractual relations.

The consumer chooses which service and on the basis of which contract he wants to receive:

1. Individual contract.

2. Collective agreement with the manager.

3. Collective consumer agreement - condominiums. MORE DETAILS

Debts of citizens

According to the agency, by the end of February 2018 the debt of the population to pay for natural gas supplies amounted to $ 619 million, for district heating and hot water - $ 551 million, for maintenance of buildings and structures - $ 143 million. Debts of Ukrainian citizens for centralized supply cold water and sewerage is $ 68 million, for the removal of household waste - $ 15 million, for the supply of electricity - $ 143.5 million.

Earlier it was reported that the debt of Ukrainian citizens for gas increased in February by 26.2% and amounted to 16.4 billion hryvnias.

On March 8, 17 boiler-houses were left without gas supply in Cherkasy region due to debts. MORE DETAILS


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Technical data

This section provides brief technical characteristics of buildings managed by the company LLC UK "Ship".

Housing and communal services and their provision

Article 13. Distribution of housing and communal services depending on the functional purpose.

Article 14. Distribution of housing and communal services in the order of approval of prices / tariffs.

Article 15. Minimum norms of housing and communal services.

Article 16. The order of rendering of housing and communal services.

Article 17. The order of access to housing and other possession for liquidation of accidents, carrying out inspections of a technical condition, check of indications of metering devices. MORE DETAILS

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