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Ремонт даху від Корабельний лтд

Limited Liability Company LLC UK  "Ship" 

started  current repair of roofs of apartment houses on Raiduzhnaya streets, 45, 49 and Znamyanskaya, 49, located in the Kulbakino residential district.

Mykola Voitasyk announced this on his Facebook page, who also posted photos of the repair work.

Resident of the neighborhood Tatiana Mazo in a comment under the message thanked the management company for carrying out repairs.

"Thank you for repairing the roof! We very much hope that the housing and communal services department will hear us and major repairs will be made. The visors are also flowing, all hope is on

UK "Ship", - she wrote.

 07/03/2019  "All hope for UK" Ship ". In mkr. Kulbakino management company began repairing the roofs of high-rise buildings ..

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