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consumers  about intention  adjustment  tariff  for management services

apartment building and adjacent territory (estimate  costs).



       Korabelniy.Ltd informs the co-owners of apartment buildings about the intention to adjust from April 1, 2021  tariff on  service  for the management of an apartment building.  Current tariffs  with  2019 is valid  time never  did not change.

          Revision of the current tariff is connected  with constant growth  from 2019 the size of the minimum wage, namely from the level - 4173.00 UAH. in the current tariff  up to UAH 6000.00  with  01.01.2021, in addition, increased  the cost of electricity  which is used to light stairwells and is necessary for work  elevators  (in houses with elevators),  also  the price of materials has increased,   which fuel  necessary  enterprise to perform the service  for the management of an apartment building.

         At the same time, in 2020, amendments were made to paragraph 291.4 of Art. 291 of the Tax Code of Ukraine to increase the maximum amount of income, which entitles businesses to apply a simplified system of taxation, accounting and reporting in the third group.

         These changes in the TCU allow  Korabelniy.Ltd  for  reduction  Sumy  growth  current tariff and  burden on consumers to abandon the status of VAT payer (20%) and move to a single tax (5%).  Due to this, Korabelniy.Ltd will be able to provide further quality maintenance of the house with minimal adjustment of cost estimates.

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