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General information about the house

Object: apartment house, located at: Nikolaev, st. Rifle Division 75/1

year of commissioning - one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one

material - brick

roofing material - slate

number of floors - 3

number of entrances - 2

number of apartments - 37

number of non-residential premises -

number of elevators - pieces (including - passenger - cargo-passenger)

the number of elevators connected to control systems - pieces

number of license plates / sold-outs 1 piece

number of garbage chambers - pieces

total area of the house (residential and non-residential premises) - 1856.2 square meters, including:

- the total area of apartments in the house - 1588.7 square meters

- the total area of non-residential premises in the house - square meters

Roof area - 992.1 square meters

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