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  05/07/2019   In Nikolaev from "the City for people" 178 houses refused already .

    07.05.2019   У Миколаєві від «Міста для людей» відмовилися вже 178 будинків.

As of May 3, 2019 178 apartment houses in Nikolaev refused services of the managing company "City for people" ("MDL").

The deputy Sergey Isakov reported about it, referring to the register of the accepted protocols of houses in which co-owners chose the managing company.

A total of 369 houses are still in the register. Of the 178 houses that abandoned MDL, 74 returned to DEZ Okean, and 60 returned to Zorya. 44 houses chose one of the newly created management companies. Thus, Korabelna Management Company was chosen by the co-owners of 23 houses, Pivdenna Management Company LLC - 14, Pivdenna-M Management Company LLC - 7 houses.

In the Factory area, without waiting for competition of the managing companies, on ZhKP "Breeze" the co-owners of 99 houses stopped the choice, and on Open Company "Lisky-M" - 43 


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